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The design of our unique into emotion trainings and coachings is based on the creative and at the same time goal-oriented process of a music and band production.

into emotion is an experience-based method for executives and teams in phases of change and transformation to achieve sustainable results in the field of innovation and communication.

into emotion activates the creative intelligence of the participants, which leads to developing new answers to existing challenges and provides, already during the strategic process, a sense for tangible solutions.

into emotion combines creative interventions with successful methods of systemic coaching and elements of agile consulting.

In our experience purely cognitive and analytically based consulting or training formats often do not lead to the anticipated long-term success. At the latest, during the implementation phase, the „feeling“ for the right path or state, resulting from experience-based learning – the indicator for successful transformation — is often missing.

With into emotion one can already begin to experience how it feels when change is successful and which creative resources are necessary in achieving it.
It is not about creating a „feel-good atmosphere“ for a limited time or simply „singing away“ problems in the sense of conventional „teambuilding events“ or „energizers.“

The into emotion flow remains open to all interventions and formats that arise from the dynamic of each group.
At the end of the workshop, participants have a clear strategic orientation from the challenge/task they have tackled, as well as an „anchor“ in the form of a common creative achievement, e.g. a selfdeveloped song/lyrics, a performance, a video clip, etc., which allows participants to step back into the „emotion of success“ at any time.

René Rennefeld Musician – Music-Entrepreneur – Producer – Coach 

Georg Kemter Consultant – Coach – Regiesseur

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