Georg Kemter

Consultant, Coach, Director, Creative Thinker and Doer

My Passion  I love to support transformational processes with a strong view on creativity, communication and process design. I believe that transformation is one of the key drivers in life. Each individual has the desire, the ability and the will to be part of it.

My Background  More than 25 years of creative-, management-, consulting- and executive experience in film, media-, education- and arts management have taught me that a compelling story and the right “dramaturgy” is key to any successful production. In order to reach your goal successfully it needs a vision and a base of values. Careful and compassionate selection, development and enabling of main characters and supporting acts makes the difference between just having a “cast” or evolving to a truly compassionate and trustworthy team of unique people.

Me into emotion  Successful transformational processes can be compared with the work of an artist, who, standing in front of an empty canvass or sitting over a blanc sheet of paper, needs to create his work from the future, tapping into sources which are (yet) unknown.  In order to come up with new ideas and solutions it is indispensable to find ways how to unleash the creative potential which is inherent in all of us and gives us the tools we need to create the future we want to achieve.

My Inspiration  Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better. Dr. Martin Luther King jun.

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