Best leadership experience ever!

Yesterday I had the great honor to be responsible for the production-management of a spontaneous recording session by Grammy winning jazz pianist Chip Crawford and drummer Emanuel Harrold.

The entire band of Gregory Porter decided to record a totally new track live in the hansa studio with their colleague Avery Sunshine who also was in town for a gig at the a-train jazzclub that night.
We had exactly two hours to set up the instruments, recording-gear, learn the song and record!

Mission impossible!? We did it! How? Trust, talent, passion.

While our great engineer Klaus Scheuermann and me started the technical and microphone setup each band member cared about his instrument, always being aware that everybody got his space to do that.
Chip Crawford started explaining his idea and harmony structure. Emanuel brought in the beat. While rehearsing they developed their song. Step by step. Avery brought in the lyrics.

Parallel to this Klaus did the soundcheck for each instrument. Based on the discipline of each player this was possible.
The recording could start after one hour!!

During this process everybody brought in his individual ideas, style, sound and creativity by always keeping an eye on Chip, his playing and guidance.
Pure inspiration and targeted energy.

Exactly two hours later everything was recorded. Everybody delighted and proud of what we all had created together in that short period of time by trusting the leader, his and our own abilities and talent powered by passion.

At the end I asked the bass player Jahmal Nichols why he didn’t talk the whole time. His answer: I’m not hear to talk, I’m here to listen and play.

They left (nearly😅 in time) to play their sold out and great concert with Gregory Porter at the Berlin Philharmonie that night.

Thank you all for this amazing leadership experience:
Mission possible with a great leader, from top down to a great song developed and played by the whole band!
I‘m so proud of being part of this team even if I didn’t play an instrument that will be heard obviously😎