Unleash Creative Intelligence

Unleash Creative Intelligence – From Problems to Solutions

In our professional life as consultants and coaches we are confronted almost every day with the topic of change and transformation. 

We deal with questions how to develop true creative leadership and how to support clients in finding new and sustainable approaches to the challenges of their business or organization in a “VUCA” world. We are conscious that relying on what has worked before and “more of the same” is usually not the right answer.

Some month’ ago I was part of a workshop for the worldwide after sales managers of an international bus manufacturer. Being confronted with facts and figures about changing markets and the urge to innovate, these people worked hard to come up with new ideas, innovative concepts and services, taking into consideration the digital challenges and opportunities and what they will mean for their business.

It wasn’t until the second day that the whole group started grooving. At this point they were introduced to my colleague René Rennefeld, a music producer and coach, and his band. René drew the parallel between the managers‘ need to innovate and the creative act of producing a “hit”. Within only ninety minutes the managers had found a common rhythm, jamming, signing, some of them dancing. At the end of the two days they came up with a broad portfolio of new ideas and concepts they had never thought about before:

How to innovate their department, listen better to what their customers really need and collaborate closer between their international branches.

They had become “agile doers” between the morning coffee and the lunch break. When I asked them, what had made the difference, many of them told me that during the music session it had been the first time since long that they had felt their own creativity and experienced the power of enhancing each other’s creativity as a group.

I am fascinated how people come up with solutions for seemingly “unsolvable” challenges when they are allowed to (re-) connect to their creative potential for a short while. How fast transformation happens when we step out of the “problem-frame” and start experimenting.

Instead of trying hard to solve the tasks with our regular “cognitive” thinking (the way we usually have created our problems with) it can be helpful to change to a more “playful” and creative mind set (the mind set we learn to understand the world and solve problems as children in a very early age). Stepping away from the learned and exercised patterns gives us the chance to take on new perspectives and create solutions from a space, which embraces a possible future already in the now.

I call this way of working “Creative Intelligence”

It is the way how artists work when they create a painting or a sculpture: Being confident about their talent and craftsmanship and at the same time being inspired to creating something which has never existed before.

Like a group of musicians creates a “hit” by considering the skill and virtuosity of each individual on his instrument but still “jamming” together as a band to find that new sound and rhythm.

By trusting in and connecting with our individual creative power we get into emotion to come up with new and lasting answers and thus act as true creative leaders. 


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