In order to keep a successful brand alive, all executives have to deliver a top performance at all times.

It is not enough for the frontman to change the shirt after every second song while the rest of the band does the work, sweats and keeps the audience in a good mood.

Even though the tour has gone well so far, every concert must be prepared for every venue, with the right equipment and a soundcheck.
Even if the listeners are big fans for many years, they do not forgive negligence.

A leadership of two pop stars is only as credible as both together. Convinces only one, then it harms the whole band.

The executives shape the overall sound.

They influence the emotion that is transmitted from the stage to the audience.
No matter how big the venue, no matter how many people are listening to you, if the spark does not jump on to the fans they very quickly become critics.
The listeners come voluntarily and pay a lot of money. You should not punish them for that!

This inspiration for this article I had at the guns’n’roses concert in Berlin.        

Axel Rose was absolutely unconvincing. Whenever he joined the band action the band sounded unpretentious and uninspired.
As soon as Slash was in the foreground, the band became concrete, precise and reached the audience.
All suffered from the bad and apparently not on the Olympic Stadium tuned sound equipment.
Band and audience.

Who is responsible?
Executives, because they determine the sound of success